Why are we celebrating the International Day of Happiness?

Just Hospitality’s motto is to “Eat Happy”. Now, I hear you asking - what does this really mean? Well, as contract caterers, serving our customers the majority of their food for the day, we’ve always known that our food needs to taste good and be good for you.  Some of our clients eat with us for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If we feed them unhealthy food, then they’ll stop wanting our food – and that would be very bad for business! But it’s not just about having a balanced menu or low calorie options to choose from, it’s also about how food makes you feel. We think it’s important that the food you eat, and the surroundings you eat it in make you feel good, even happy!


With this in mind, today, on the International Day of Happiness we thought it fitting to bring on the celebrations! At our client sites we’re working with registered nutritionist Kate Taylor (aka The Food Boss) and food choice architect Kenny Tranquille to deliver a series of talks linking food and happiness. Kenny is discussing the connection between some of the drivers of happiness such as giving, relating and awareness and how these relate to the foods we eat. Kate is exploring how our food choices impact our mood. Our chefs have created a menu for our clients that features food to enhance your mood as part of a balanced diet.

Happiness Week.jpg

It’s not all about our clients though! We genuinely want our own staff to be happy people too. We want them to feel good, eat well and spread good vibes – in and out of work. That’s why we’ve created JH Happiness Week. It’s our take on “wellness week” with a typical JH twist. Activities include a team gift exchange, a lucky dip, an interactive nutrition workshop at our production kitchen that is open to all staff – and more!

Importantly, we’ve done an internal happiness survey to gauge how happy our employees are and to solicit input on what kinds of happiness activities they would like to see JH provide throughout the year. Our survey asked just two questions:

1.     We want to know how happy you feel. Not how happy you are in your job or at work. We want to know how happy you are with life in general. Therefore, on a scale of 0-10, where 0 is your worst possible life and 10 is your best possible life, where would you rank your happiness?

2.     We want to create company-led activities to increase your happiness throughout the year. Which of the 10 drivers of happiness should we use? Pick 3.

We haven’t yet decided what these activities will be, but they’ll be based on the 10 drivers of happiness according to the Action for Happiness. Armed with this information we will be able to work on creating a programme of events throughout the next year, that our staff will actually want to take part in. We are hoping this will go a long way to keeping our staff engaged and, well, happy!

Of course people can’t be happy all of the time and our aim isn’t to put pressure on anyone to be happy if they’re not. But if we can contribute to making our staff and clients happy through our food and our actions then our work will have meaning.

So, what it all comes down to is making sure that our motto, to “eat happy”, is more than just a cute phrase.

We truly want everyone that comes into contact with the business – whether a client, an employee, supplier or the neighbourhood cat – to associate JH with happiness.

Do you want to talk to us about making your staff Eat Happy? You can start now by tweeting to us on @JustHospitality