Why great catering is about so much more than food

We don't just serve food at workplaces - we create workplace food cultures. Here's why.

There's a lot of discussion out there at the moment about why it's worth investing in really good catering at your workplace. From providing staff perks to attract the best people, to evidence that happiness boosts productivity, to creating positive, exciting spaces that gets staff talking and collaborating outside of their departments. More and more businesses are looking out for contract caterers that offer something special.

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But how do you identify that "something special"?

Of course great food is the place you want to start. Especially in London, where teams are used to having outstanding and authentic global cuisines at their fingertips, whenever they want. But while great food alone will give staff something to look forward to come lunchtime, we don't think that's enough when it comes to choosing a contract caterer.

Beyond food, you need a food culture

One of the big workplace philosophies these days is that companies thrive and stay ahead of the game when staff are always speaking, collaborating and stepping outside of their comfort zones. Workforces that stay in their little pockets and the safety of their departments, never peeping out to see what else is going on, stagnate and stop innovating.

In London, though, we have a culture of keep your head down and get on with it - a couple of years ago London was voted the second least friendly city in the world, and that's something that can be so hardwired into office workers it takes a lot of work to break that programming. So rather than just letting people get excited by themselves about the food, you have to create watercooler moments that people can't help but talk about.

Look out for added value

That's why we try to find every opportunity to get creative - and we invest in catering managers with real knowledge and experience of providing outstanding customer service.

This week, for example, we hosted a joint visit to one of our clients from Doisy and Dam superfood chocolate and Sandows cold brew coffee. We'd noticed that the customers at this office were especially interested in health and wellness, but were also passionate about high end, artisanal products. We combined the two to offer them a little treat after lunchtime and a bit of nutritional advice from the experts who made the product.


At another site, meanwhile, we'll soon host a themed day about honey. The teams at this workplace sweat the details of what goes into their food and want to learn about how to eat responsibly. So, with some expert honeymakers and a special menu that showcases the best honey dishes around, that's exactly what we'll deliver.

No cost to the client, but everyone wins

These events cost the client nothing and are entirely managed by us, but they deliver a benefit to everyone. We know the eateries we manage should be hubs of ideas and discussion, that's why our services are paid for at a premium. This is how we deliver the real value for money - making staff feel fantastic about their jobs, and looking forward to coming in every day.

What special events would you love to have at your office? Let us know @JustHospitality and if we run your kitchen, maybe we can make it happen!