Eat Happy: Catering for Workplace Productivity

Food = Happiness for a lot of us. Andre Bienkowski, our Business Development Manager shares how Just Hospitality can help companies serve up happier food!

UK productivity is under the spotlight. In its April 2017 report comparing labour productivity across the G7 nations, the Office for National Statistics published that output per hour worked in the UK was 15.9% below the average for the rest of the G7 advanced economies. So far in 2018, UK productivity is showing some positive growth but its still way below what was projected pre the 2007-8 financial crisis and still behind other leading economies. So, what can individual businesses do to help improve the growth rate of productivity in the workplace?

Happiness is the answer! Happy people sell 37% more and are 3 times more creative, have fewer sick days, stay in their jobs longer and are more productive. In a recent University of Warwick study, it was found that workers become 12% more productive in the workplace if they are happy. Equally, low levels of happiness are associated with lower productivity. So, if higher productivity at work is the goal, what more can be done to make staff happy at work?

Well, providing them with great food certainly helps. For companies who see that food has the power to energise and reward staff, let alone keeping them healthy, choosing the right contract caterer is tantamount to workplace happiness and productivity.

Value in catering has traditionally been framed in service and cost alone, but now the top contract catering businesses are looking at how their food and service can add value to workplaces by becoming integral to their clients’ office culture and HR strategy. Clients are looking beyond just quality food and service when they choose their food partners, they also want to hire a catering team that engages with their workforce in a meaningful way, adding joy and laughter into the daily routine, bringing the workplace to life.


At Just Hospitality our vision is to make people happy no matter what the working day brings. We believe in the power and value of quality food and the service that accompanies it to bring people together, help them collaborate and foster creativity and productivity. Of course happiness is an entirely subjective emotion, hard to define and different for everyone. Still, ones’ job and workplace is a driver of happiness and we take the task of bringing a sense of fun into the workplace very seriously indeed!

Does your workplace food make you happy? Tell me about it: